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Liberty Center to Maumee

States: Ohio      Railroads: NS, WAB   

This abandoned route has historical information.This abandoned route has a map.This abandoned route has associated pictures.
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The Maryland & Pennsylvania Railroad

"The Ma & Pa Railroad"

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From Abandoned Rails of Jersey City:

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The Central Railroad of New Jersey Terminal: The CNJ Terminal on the Hudson River. Photo by Mike Palmer, October 2008.

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August 21, 2016: Long-time fans of this Abandoned Rails website will remember that I took a "sabbatical" of sorts back in 2013, and have not really updated the site since. While my passion for abandoned railroads and their history has never diminished, the time I afford to this website has, sad to say. It was nice to take a break (both physically and emotionally) from this website that is a labor of love, but perhaps it's time to get back in the saddle.

If you've sent me an email in the past couple of years, I apologize for not getting back with you. There are simply too many emails for me to devote my consideration and time to respond. Please know that I do read them.

I can't say that the website will be back to its former pace (wherein I was posting multiple abandonments a week), but hopefully the stirrings within me for this pasttime will be great enough this time for me to continue. We'll see.

Until then, I hope that you keep visiting the site and continue submitting your comments, as you have, to each of the abandoned routes presented herein, and please visit the random abandonment below.


Greg Harrison
Fort Worth, TX

This abandoned route has historical information.This abandoned route has a map.This abandoned route has associated pictures. Abandoned Rails of Nellis Air Force Base
States: Nevada   Railroads: UP, LA&SL   

Recent Comments

Jeffrey Dobek commented on The Monroe Branch : Mr. Roberts comment is not correct. The line from Lenawee Junction to at least Ida remained in place in the early 1970s and was operated by Penn Central. The line was not conveyed to Conrail, and was likely pulled out in 1976.
Earlier today

Sue commented on Tremont to Lebanon : Anybody have any idea where I could get a copy of the abandonment document on the Tremont to Lebanon line?
2 days ago

Karl Feldmeyer commented on The Waynesboro Branch : That loading station was put in to load wagons with coal that was hauled up the the State Sanatorium at South Mountain. The soccer field, the old rifle range(big dirt bank) the area of Conklin Hall and the tennis courts, that whole area was the Mont Alto…
3 days ago

Alexi Lauto commented on The Cochise-Douglas Branch : Next to the current mainline, if you look on the terrain map, and you can see the gap where the abandonment ends, and follow it, to he end near the current line, and it looks like they never finished it, or it followed a completely flat land.
3 days ago

Richard A. Beardsley commented on Taft to McCoy Air Force Base : I was stationed at McCoy AFB from May of 1963 to January of 1966. Was there when Walt and Roy Disney announced their intention to construct a Disney complex in the "swamps" of Orange County, Florida. WOW, look at that area now 2017. It is not the same. I…
3 days ago

John Schaefer commented on Petosky to Mackinaw City : It appears in Petoskey that the abandoned part of the line south of Spring Lake Park connected not only to the existing tracks terminating southeast of downtown, but also to a line that ran generally along the shoreline to Charlevoix. This appears to…
4 days ago

george oakley commented on The New Castle Branch : Thanks Adam.I do like to explore old places like these for the historical references to the area.
5 days ago

Charlie Tucker commented on Lincoln to Havana : AB43-84F (12-21-81) abandoned MP41.30 (nr. Clinton) to MP 62.30 (Chicago-StL CMNW C&A SPCSL UP HSR Line) at Lincoln AND MP 64.03 (Lincoln) to MP 74.5 (New Holland) MP62.30 to MP 64.03 is UPRR's Havana Industrial Lead on the south west side of Lincoln.…
6 days ago

Russell Blackburn commented on The PY&A Secondary Branch : Swimmerbob the line you are thinking of is(was)the NYC Franklin Division there is a page about it on this sight.
6 days ago

Adam Brooks commented on The New Castle Branch : They're just north of downtown New Castle along the Neshannock Creek. The mine openings were sealed around 1990. Remnants of the coke oven and an old brick factory are nearby as well
6 days ago

Charlie Tucker commented on Bloomington to Jacksonville : Jack Line, from Ashland (B&O) to Mason City (ICG Havana Sub) abandoned 4-14-78...AB-43-31(x)...see 360ICC161 and 360ICC165, stub end of Jack Line at Bloomington remains
7 days ago

george oakley commented on The Perkiomen Branch : Thanks for responding.There are 24 books in that series and i plan at looking at most if not all of them.It was interesting finding out about the Colebrookedale rail line that ran to Barto from Boyertown.Thanks for the website you mentioned.I will have…
7 days ago

Jason M. commented on The Perkiomen Branch : I have hear of that series (I have a few floating around the basement) but I never took notice of that, thank you. Keeping on topic, I have found a great resource for tracking almost any abandoned railroad anywhere. USGS has a historical map overlay…
8 days ago

swimmerbob commented on The Alphabet Railroad : Another small correction: I used to ride the rails/trails north of graham rd in the falls before the 8 freeway was built. The ROW/old bike trail is still there just west of the freeway doing nothing. If you look closely, you can see it there on google…
8 days ago

swimmerbob commented on The PY&A Secondary Branch : i always thought this line went thru Andover and up to Dorset and then Ashtabula- what line was that? I believe it connected with the line that went into Jamestown, P-A. can someone set me straight on that??
8 days ago

swimmerbob commented on Leavittsburg to Mantua : AS a kid growing up in 60's cuyahoga falls, my dad used to schlep us to grandma's place in youngstown at least twice a month. Before there was an interstate (80S) between akron and hubbard (grandma's), we would use the ohio turnpike, getting off at exit…
8 days ago

swimmerbob commented on Hudson to Columbus : i don't recommend going up onto the old stone trestle over the cuyahoga at bailey road. state route 8 was realigned about 40 years ago and that road now passes over the river south of and alongside the trestle, putting any trespassers in full view of…
8 days ago

Bob commented on The Chicago, Aurora and Elgin Railroad : As a kid, I lived on Edson Ave. a block from the Brewster St. grade crossing and the CA&E's Green Valley stop in Lombard. We used to lay a nickel on the tracks where they joined and make the gates go down at the crossing. Motorists didn't appreciate…
8 days ago

Adrian Neils commented on The R Line : Came down to visit a family member. Passed this area before in the past a few years ago. Still is the same way. I don't know how state and federal laws work with the railroad, but usually the R.O.W. where the rails were laid down can never be altered…
9 days ago

Jim Hughes commented on The Newtown Square Branch : We moved to Newtown Square in 1954 from Southwest Philly. My favorite memory of life then was getting home from school around 3pm and hearing the Baldwin VO 1000 burbling across the Bryn Mawr Ave trestle headed toward Powell's Lumber yard. We lived less…
9 days ago

Nick Nordmann commented on The Terre Haute and Indianapolis Railroad : I rode the line between Brazil and Limedale in the fall of 1988 when the Terre Haute Brazil and Eastern operated a tourist train on that line. I still have the ticket stub. The train was pulled by a switcher and had a couple of flat cars that had open…
10 days ago

MiddleMI commented on The Lansing Branch : Wait, isn't a portion of this track still in north Lansing? This branch use to go where the River Trail is. In fact, they've been talking about starting up this tiny spur for a few years now to serve the recycling center. They'd send scrap the short way…
10 days ago

Reece L. Stuckey commented on The Tremont and Gulf Railroad : I was born in 1935 - Got a job working in a general merchandise store when I was 11 years old, working summers and Saturadays all the way through High School and business college. Gordon Powell owned the store. It was just across the street from the T &…
10 days ago

Dave Kibler commented on The Smith's Ferry Branch : My Dad worked at the Coal Washing Plant on this line. He told me he road the trains on occasion.
10 days ago

Bill M. commented on Cheektowaga to North Chili : I think this was the line years ago where some kids sent a locomotive rolling slow from down in the Ebenezer Yard in West Seneca and the engine ran with no lights thru crossings and ended up at end of track near Oakfield NY.
11 days ago

Miguel Perez commented on The Redlands Loop : Thanks for the info i live here in redlands and never knew whry they closed it down for the last 10 years i have livesd in this city. I called the city and they didn't have answers.
12 days ago

Alexi Lauto commented on The Eastside Railway Company : If you put your view into 3D when you zoom into the bridge over the Clakamas River, it is still intact, but when you switch out of 3D, it does not show.
12 days ago

Tyler McMillin commented on Rice to Ripley : Here is the link to a bigger and more accurate history of the line.
12 days ago

Walter Imhof commented on The Santa Monica Air Line : Looks like that SP boxcar showed up sometime before 1964. It sits there until 2004 when the old Sloane building was torn down.
13 days ago

Rebecca commented on Dundas to Logan : I found a picture of Howard Norman and crew in historic home I am renovating.
13 days ago

gregg householder commented on The Smith's Ferry Branch : i have many photos of the smiths ferry rail line from the late eighties and early ninties before the rails and testle were removed. i also have photos of the tunnel from over the years. just took a series photos of the south portal as it was uncovered.…
15 days ago

Dave Hutchison commented on The Bridgeville and McDonald Branch : Richard, that lumber company was around Sygan or South Fayette. I lived in Cecil, Pa. for a couple years. Desmond sounds famillar. I worked out of Scully from 1965 to 1973. lot of the time up and down the Washington Secondary track. Moved to Columbus in…
16 days ago