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Sumter to Mullins

States: South Carolina      Railroads: SBD, CSX, ACL, W&M, SCRR, WC&A, W&W, MCRR, G-PI   

This abandoned route has historical information.This abandoned route has a map.This abandoned route has associated pictures.
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From The West Chester Branch:

Random Picture of the Day

Near the end of the line in Frazer, the abandoned right-of-way crosses over Ravine Road. Photo by Joe Sharretts.

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July 30th, 2014: I've taken a bit of a "sabbatical" from updating the Abandoned Rails website. I started this site back in 2005, and I've been constantly updating it ever since. Over this past year, other life priorities have caused me to take a step back from updating the website, which in itself was fairly time-consuming. This break from updating the site is not necessarily a bad thing, as I've been able to refresh and refocus my intentions about the site; as such, I have some new ideas and concepts for it that I hope to start developing.

I do intend to resume updating the website on a regular basis, but probably not until next year, unfortunately. At that time, expect to see some big and exciting changes to the site over the ensuing months.

Until then, I hope that you keep visiting the site and continue submitting your comments, as you have, to each of the abandoned routes presented herein, and please visit the random abandonment below.


Greg Harrison
Haslet, TX

This abandoned route has associated ICC filings. The Rumsey Branch (Capay to Rumsey)
States: California   Railroads: SP   

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RUCi0 commented on Alhambra to Pasadena : What's the last date I can post this to to arrive in time for Christmas? strongly should the government provide health care essay meat KAYSERI, Turkey — It is sizdah bedar,…
13 minutes ago

Kevin commented on Morton to Lincoln : So what happened to this rail. I do remember this rail going through Morton, IL..
About 4 hours ago

Jason Koczur commented on Savage to Lakeville : The bridge project started a few weeks ago, I know they got the new rail delivered on the north side of the bridge and timbers I think for the bridge...they also replaced a overpass on a side road just south of hwy 13 after a plow hit it a while…

Bill Kisselstein commented on The New York, Ontario and Western Railroad : The Norfolk Southern Crawford Industrial Track in Middletown is the former O&W main line from the former Erie main to connection with the original Middletown & New Jersey shortline. This run includes passing the large former O&W station. NYS&W operates…
2 days ago

Steve commented on The Sacramento Northern Railroad : SN used to have rails right up to the waterfront in Suisun City. I suspect that they wye you mention was the starting point of that line.
2 days ago

Jerry commented on The Sacramento Northern Railroad : Was there a turning Y along Webster in Fairfield at some point. The streets indicate something was there, but I have never found a map showing it.
2 days ago

george oakley commented on The Reading and Columbia Railroad : Steve,as with jason i am having problems getting to the site you posted.Any help would be greatly appreciated along with jason if he could help.
3 days ago

george oaakley commented on The Reading and Columbia Railroad : Jason,i can't find that link you posted.Please get in touch with me at this site.
3 days ago

Msunsel White commented on Mossy Head to Eglin Air Force Base : Robert Lewis, my e-mail is Send me an e-mail, and I'll send you the photo of the steam locomotive.
4 days ago

Robert Lewis commented on Mossy Head to Eglin Air Force Base : I have a picture of a steam locomotive that I believe was once on the Eglin RR. I also recall srories from a rail magazine in the 70's or 80's about a steam loco that was used as an air munitions target. How can I post this picture on this site? Maunsel…
4 days ago

Walter Imhof commented on The Medford Branch : Karen, Go to The area is flown over pretty well back to 1931. Some of the years are grainy but you will get an idea of how things looked back then.
4 days ago

Karen McBride commented on The Medford Branch : My father, George Kraus, purchased the Jay Wilkins property on Old Marlton Pike (now 202 OMP and only 4.5 acres) in 1941 from Eph & Alice Tomlinson (nee Wilkins). Am doing a profile of the house in order to get an historical marker. I was born there and…
5 days ago

george oakley commented on The Reading and Columbia Railroad : Thanks Jason for the link.I will check it out and post any information on that site if possible about the possible CP Rail and Norfolk Southern merger which is still in discussion between those 2 rail companies.John,i only printed about the possible…
5 days ago

Jason M. commented on The Reading and Columbia Railroad : Sorry for derailing this thread, when I submitted my coment my computer wasn't responding and entered it in about 4 times. Back on the topic of the R&C, I would suggest visiting Reading Company Technical and Historical Society's museum and archives.…
6 days ago

John commented on The Reading and Columbia Railroad : Why has this forum become a discussion of the CP acquisition of NS? What is the relevance to the R&C Railroad? There are plenty of other forums to discuss CP - NS. Can we stay focused on the R&C please? Thank you.
6 days ago

Paul Iverson commented on The Santa Ana Branch : Metro is still studying this route for potential trolley/light rail. Most of the corridor is owned by Metro, with some sections under private ownership.
6 days ago

Jason M. commented on The Reading and Columbia Railroad : The CP-NS merger has been a hot topic on Railway Preservation News, an excellent internet forum I'm a member of. I've gat a link to the thread here:
6 days ago

george oakley commented on The Reading and Columbia Railroad : Thanks steve for the new links.I will let you know how I make out when I enter them in this weekend.As for any information I get on the possible Canadian Pacific Ltd. and Norfolk Southern merger in the future I will post it here.
6 days ago

Bryan Fair commented on Jacksboro to Salesville :
7 days ago

Doug Berg commented on Phalanx Station to Minerva : I hired on the Penn Central in 1972 and was on a work train removing rail from LE&P from tinkers creek to Brandywine.
7 days ago

Steve H commented on The Reading, Marietta and Hanover Railroad : Here is the URL of the map pictures from the Chickies Hill parking area: It shows the traction AND this rail line...
7 days ago

Steve H commented on The Reading and Columbia Railroad : George, try this: This is the pics for the Reading and Columbia. This is the map at the parking lot on Chickie's Hill.
7 days ago

george oakley commented on The Reading and Columbia Railroad : Steve,i don't have a problem with anybody posting links for any sites on this one or any others.I just wish they wouldn't be so long.That's a lot of typing.See what you can do about the pictures because I would love to see them.As for facebook I don't…
7 days ago

dan koenig commented on Clinton to Moberly : In the mid to late 60's thru the mid 70's I spent time with my Grandparents during the summertime in Moberly.A short distance west of their backyard were the Katy and the Norfolk and Western lines.They ran side by side for distance thru Moberly.The Katy…
8 days ago

Steve H commented on The Reading and Columbia Railroad : George, sorry about that. Apparently, unless you're a 'friend' on the list it won't let you in. I actually don't do much with Facebook, anyway. I'll see what I can figure out so anyone can see the pics. G, I apologize if you don't want links posted. I…
8 days ago

S. H. Lustig commented on Toledo to Heath : The section from Bucyrus to Spore is still in service under CFt.W&E ownership. Main reason for the demise of the T&OC Eastern was that it took 2 crews to do what 1 did on the T&OC Western. Bucyrus was the mid-terminal on the Eastern side which resulted…
8 days ago

Scott Kunz commented on West Bend to Fond du Lac : I finally got a copy of Jim Yanke's book "CNW Air line Subdivision. It is highly recommend! Excellent Book for anyone researching the line. I live on the line and really enjoy watching the DBR Local when I can catch it. Berry,has there been a speed…
9 days ago

Nathan Hendricks commented on Findlay to Carey : The line from Vanlue to Carey was abandoned sometime after 1974 because while sitting in class, as a senior,I would watch the switch engine from Carey pick up and drop off cars from Vanlue Grain and Supply. Glad someone keeps these old records.
9 days ago

george oakley commented on The Reading and Columbia Railroad : Steve,actually it's pa.,not oregon.My fault.Couldn't correct it on time.
10 days ago

george oakley commented on The Reading and Columbia Railroad : Steve,i tried before to enter the information on the computer about where to go to see the pictures and it wouldn't register.Is there a shorter version of this entry i can use to see the pictures?
10 days ago

Steve H commented on The Reading, Marietta and Hanover Railroad : TO ALL - Here are pictures of the map/info board I was referring to. This may answer a lot of questions...
11 days ago

Roy Allen commented on Williamsport, PA to Elmira, NY : Hey all you residents along the line - am still waiting for an answer to my query about what type of diesels were used after the decapods were retired. Lived in Geneva in the 50's but left before 1957, so never saw a diesel except a switcher at Sodus Pt.…
11 days ago