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Pulaski to Fries and Galax
(The Cripple Creek Extension)

States: Virginia      Railroads: N&W, NRPRR   

This abandoned route has historical information.This abandoned route has a map.This abandoned route has associated pictures.
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From The Laguna Branch:

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The right-of-way is barely evident in the town of Bard. View is facing west near Bard Road. Photo by Mike Palmer, May 2010.

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August 21, 2016: Long-time fans of this Abandoned Rails website will remember that I took a "sabbatical" of sorts back in 2013, and have not really updated the site since. While my passion for abandoned railroads and their history has never diminished, the time I afford to this website has, sad to say. It was nice to take a break (both physically and emotionally) from this website that is a labor of love, but perhaps it's time to get back in the saddle.

If you've sent me an email in the past couple of years, I apologize for not getting back with you. There are simply too many emails for me to devote my consideration and time to respond. Please know that I do read them.

I can't say that the website will be back to its former pace (wherein I was posting multiple abandonments a week), but hopefully the stirrings within me for this pasttime will be great enough this time for me to continue. We'll see.

Until then, I hope that you keep visiting the site and continue submitting your comments, as you have, to each of the abandoned routes presented herein, and please visit the random abandonment below.


Greg Harrison
Fort Worth, TX

This abandoned route has historical information.This abandoned route has a map. Rutland to Forbes
States: North Dakota   Railroads: StPM&M, GN, BN   

Recent Comments

john womeldorf commented on The Valley Railroad : My grandfather, Bruce Womeldorf had property on what used to be Rt 39 east of Lexington. His built his home there in 1927 and it's now a bed and breakfast (Riders Ridge) I know that he bought the right of way for the railroad that was adjacent to his…
3 days ago

Daniel C Kennedy commented on The Charleston Subdivision : Very nice Mr. Cain! My Father in law used the very line in the 40-50s to send flowers from the family farm to NYC! Great article thank you!
5 days ago

Jerry Cooler commented on The Charleston Subdivision : For Jim Cubie, I am a Local who grew up close to where the Sun City 170 gate is today. I have a lot of info on the Seaboard "EC" line in this area. Would be happy to help you out as much as I can. Home- 843-717-2555 Cell- 843-812-9623 Email
5 days ago

Steven McGee commented on Plano to McKinney : McKinney has a real problem with allowing good business in- the city council loves approving self storage, pawn shops and bail bond and major tenements with thousands of low income people and no road improvements to improve the traffic- just as long as…
6 days ago

Steve McGee commented on Plano to McKinney : I believe the reason that the DART doesn't run to McKinney is because of Allen not being happy about the revenue split. I also believe that the Houston and Texas Central is how hi-75 [Central Avenue] got its name.
6 days ago

Kent Godwin commented on The Alcolu Railroad : The ride away for the Alcolu Railroad in Beulah (now Olanta)is North Magnolia and South Magnolia Avenues. S. Magnolia is a wooded area, but is shown in Florence County, SC Tax Books.
7 days ago

Steve. Culver commented on Freeport to Centralia : Does anyone know if one can cut trees for firewood on abandoned. R. R sites when there is no track or RR Ties present? resent?
7 days ago

Chris Hoops commented on The Phoenixville Branch : Chris, any further updates on the trail?
8 days ago

Charlie Hart commented on Waveland to Lapel : It is my understanding, that Waveland, to Advance was abandoned in 1928.
8 days ago

Hank commented on The Maricopa and Phoenix Railroad : back again, Maricopa County now has aerial imagery available going back to 1930 and its crystal clear now that this railroad went WAY farther into Phoenix than originally thought. Library of congress has a picture of TWO railroad bridges crossing the…
9 days ago

Rich Mariotti commented on Palmer Lake to Crews : I am a land surveyor for El Paso County, Colorado. I need the right-of-way map for the abandoned Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe RR from Palmer Lake to Monument. Can anyone help me with this?
9 days ago

Dick Tighe commented on The New York, Ontario and Western Railroad : Does anyone know the schedule for the Chicago Express, which ran till the mid thirties?
10 days ago

george oakley commented on Lakewood to Winslow Junction : I was watching a video not too long ago on Youtube about this abandoned rail line.The guy in the video was talking about the history of this rail line and showed the rail,bridges and equipment still in equipment i mean junction boxes.crossing…
10 days ago

B Smith commented on The Mexia-Nelleva Cutoff : The "other line from Corsicana" that crossed the T&BV and Katy at Hillsboro was the St. Louis Southwestern, or Cotton Belt, at Tower 44 (see Hillsboro was a thriving cotton center served by the MKT, StLSW, and…
12 days ago

Randall Coon commented on Sandusky to Newark : The part that ran through the village of Monroeville was put back in some years ago, it allows the grain mill there access to the Wheeling and Lake Erie. It only stretches about a mile or so, and stops before crossing US 20. From what I understand it was…
12 days ago

Seth Jones commented on Whiteville to Wilmington : Carolina Southern ceased operations in 2012. The line was aquired by RJ Corman Railroad Group in fall 2015, who has brought the line into service as far as Red Hill, SC operating at 10 mph. First train ran on April 6, 2016. Columbus Co and the NCDOT are…
12 days ago

Jay A. Morgan commented on Hedges, GA to Gadsden, AL : Just wondered if there is still track on this line. Would like to consider a ride like this one! Rail Go Cart.
13 days ago

Kent Weissinger commented on Ocoee to Kissimmee : I went to the Bay Hill golf tournament some years ago. There is an embankment behind the second hole green that runs north about a hundred yards to what is now the seventh hole, where this line crossed a low area adjacent to a small lake.
13 days ago

Long Nguyen commented on The Monterey Branch : great time
14 days ago

Dr. J.H. Olsen, Jr., PE commented on The Roy Branch : I sent some digital photos of the old railroad grade at Mosquero, NM and where the grade crosses US56 near Taylor Springs, NM east of Springer, NM.
15 days ago

joe burchfield commented on Manumuskin to Maurice River : rg simpkins where is the dupont house located?
16 days ago

Roland Gutierrez commented on Harrisburg to Everglades City : Does anyone have any information regarding the rotation bridge over the Caloosahatchee River? In the early 1990s I remember driving through Highway 80 to LaBelle and remember seeing the RXR on the pavement. It was also marked on Hwy 78 near Ortona. I…
16 days ago

patrick dempsey commented on Faribault to Northfield : forgot to subscribe to this post...
16 days ago

patrick dempsey commented on Faribault to Northfield : Do you know if the ex-Milw is still in service between Owatonna and Faribault? I know CP owns the line to Comus but, it doesn't look like that line has seen a train in many years...
16 days ago

Gregory Blanton commented on The Charleston Subdivision : Great work by Mr. Eugene Cain on this route. My Aunt used to tell me stories about the Bowevil and it running to Savannah. Also one of my best friends Grand Father lived in Wiggins and told me stories how they would ride on the old roadbed in a jeep to…
16 days ago

patrick dempsey commented on Rochester to Winona : Passenger trains stopped rolling in to Rochester from Winona with the cancellation of the Rochester 400 in 1963. Amtrak has never, to my knowledge, served Rochester.
16 days ago

Greg Lumpkin commented on The York Canyon Branch : Hi folks, I'm originally from VA; then Oakland, CA; then Albuquerque, NM prior to move to Australia. Maybe I can help out here (and correct me if I'm wrong): coal from York Canyon was vital to the operation of the Kaiser Steel plant at Fontana, CA for…
17 days ago

karl commented on Freeport to Centralia : Much of the old right of way is visible just to the west of US51, from Pana south to at least the small (and decrepit) small town of Shobonier
18 days ago

Michael T commented on The Eagle Mountain Railroad : Ben, The dirt road leading away from the I-10 going towards the Eagle Mountain townsite are not all that bad. My 2001 Chevy Blazer with only RWD handled it just fine. Speaking of the townsite, you won't be able to enter it or get close to the mine…
18 days ago

Karl commented on The Cloverleaf Division : I was in Ramsey IL today (between Vandalia and Pana) and noticed a restored, freshly painted Nickel Plate caboose near the old right of way and, on sitting on tracks on the right of way, a box car. In addition, the tower still stands where a junction…
18 days ago

Brent commented on The Saint Louis Subdivision : This is a link to an 1852 map of railroad surveys in Missouri: You can see the eventual Rock Island route there--built almost exactly as surveyed, about 50 years later.
20 days ago

Terry Gillock commented on The Oklahoma City, Ada and Atoka Railway : My father Ralph Gillock was the same as a section foreman for the 13 miles of railroad inside Tinker AFB. We went to the OCAA section house in the 50's and visited Mr Canon. He had just hit a car with a motor car at a grade crossing.
20 days ago