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Millersburg to Lodi
(The Millersburg Branch)

States: Ohio      Railroads: B&O, CW&MV   

This abandoned route has historical information.This abandoned route has a map.This abandoned route has associated ICC filings.
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From The Redlands Loop:

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The AT&SF passenger depot at Redlands. Photo by John Acosta.

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July 30th, 2014: I've taken a bit of a "sabbatical" from updating the Abandoned Rails website. I started this site back in 2005, and I've been constantly updating it ever since. Over this past year, other life priorities have caused me to take a step back from updating the website, which in itself was fairly time-consuming. This break from updating the site is not necessarily a bad thing, as I've been able to refresh and refocus my intentions about the site; as such, I have some new ideas and concepts for it that I hope to start developing.

I do intend to resume updating the website on a regular basis, but probably not until next year, unfortunately. At that time, expect to see some big and exciting changes to the site over the ensuing months.

Until then, I hope that you keep visiting the site and continue submitting your comments, as you have, to each of the abandoned routes presented herein, and please visit the random abandonment below.


Greg Harrison
Haslet, TX

This abandoned route has historical information.This abandoned route has a map.This abandoned route has associated pictures. Hudson to Bayfield
States: Wisconsin   Railroads: CStPM&O, C&NW   

Recent Comments

K. Kemzura commented on The Grand Rapids Subdivision : I remember in the Summer of '72 the GTW ran one through freight from Durand to Muskegon and a local that went to Ionia or Greenville. In August '89, Central Michigan ran a nine car local as far as Ionia. The tracks are now cut just outside of Owosso. The…
About 3 hours ago

Chris commented on The New Castle and Frenchtown Railroad : Recently came across this and decided to drive around bear to see if I could see anything left of it, and in Caravel Farms you can see plenty of remains. Including a trail where I believe that picture above was taken. At the bend on Del Laws Road by the…

Andy commented on The Prescott and Arizona Central Railroad : Tom, I agree it would be difficult/impossible to see smoke from the Junction, but I was quoting Myrick. I've been reading the AZ Weekly Journal-Miner (available from Library of Congress on the web) which says, Dec 22, 1886, "Ed Lowe ... is now the…

Mike commented on Plano to McKinney : @Joel spitzer, The line you asked about was indeed SP/Cotton Belt. It was taken over by DGNO shortly after UP acquired it though merger with SP. DGNO used the section from Renner JCT to Addison primarily to service a Lattimore Ready Mix Plant in Plano on…

Jason Koczur commented on Hastings to Shakopee : Thats exactly caught my eye a few years ago when we moved to Lakeville between here and Prior Lake. It shoots from that area down along CR 64 and you can follow it a little also on the south side past walmart and to lake marion (now a bike trail) and…
3 days ago

John Gillilan commented on Dundas to Belpre : The bypass of Gysville Ohio toke place around 1956. Was the rail road from Belpre to Athens cut off at this time because I do not remember a bridge being constructed over the rail road at Gysville at that time. Also the by pass of Coolville and Little…
3 days ago

Tom Bullock commented on The Prescott and Arizona Central Railroad : Andy/Michael. Thinking about the geography here: Engine water at Seligman likely came from the small lake (tank) SE of the mainline point of connection to the A & P. No way operator at Banghart could see engine smoke as train left Seligman, hence there…
3 days ago

patrick j dempsey commented on Savage to Lakeville : I read recently where the TCW was going to repair the MN&S bridge over the Minnesota River. I read this in the April 2015 edition of Minneapolis Federal Reserve online. I don't know if TCW actually has repaired that bridge, but after acquiring…
4 days ago

patrick j dempsey commented on Hastings to Shakopee : i recently was driving Prior Lake to Farmington along County 21 in Scott County. I noticed what I thought was the right of way of the H&D on the south side of the highway so I sort of eyeballed it as I continued east. Where County 21 crosses the Credit…
4 days ago

Andy commented on The Prescott and Arizona Central Railroad : Michael, yes, evidently the P&AC did have telegraph. On Page 36 of Myrick's Vol 5, he claims that the man at Banghart's in charge of the water pump watched for the smoke as the train left Seligman to start the steam pump fire - a type of telegraph. But…
4 days ago

Andrew Craun commented on Lewes to Rehoboth : The hooters on top of the building looks like a train station. Ive been there the other day during the Nor'Easter. It looks like the rails has been here a long time ago and restored the train station to a restaurant and maybe shops.
4 days ago

Walter Imhof commented on Abandoned Rails of Maybrook : Once the Poughkeepsie Bridge over the Hudson burned, it was over for the Maybrook. Now a FedEx facility.
4 days ago

Tom koller commented on Abandoned Rails of Maybrook : All evidence of Maybrook yard is now gone but for a single track coming from Campbell Hall.
5 days ago

mike edwards commented on Kaplan to Eunice : they should re-vitalize the rails-----upgrade/replace and use this old path once agin.i have seen rail crews fixing tracks by the i-10 bridge/old iota side road and the state would benefit from new rail re--structures.
6 days ago

Briscoe commented on Little River to Galatia : Drove by it today, yep it's abandoned nothing left but the bridges that look like they could still carry a load.
8 days ago

Ed Miller commented on Jamestown to Gowanda : The line is definitely abandoned from Route 394/Waterboro Bridge area to Conewango Valley and has been for many years. The railroad from Conewango Valley to Gowanda was used occasionally until a few years ago.
9 days ago

Rock Falls Tourism-Janell commented on The Chicago and Rock River Railroad : Help! I'm looking for pics of the Railroad Roundhouse that was in Rock Falls IL. I've looked for photos, and so have many others and we can not locate a photo of the Rock Falls Roundhouse. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Safe Travels, Janell
9 days ago

Rev. Jonathan S Spurlock commented on Clinton to Moberly : Definitely the track was gone by 1993, from at least Green Ridge to just north of Clinton. As I mentioned on another former Katy section, track remained in place, close to one of MFA's facilities, between Lewis and Clinton until about 1994. Union Pacific…
10 days ago

Tom Bullock commented on The Prescott and Arizona Central Railroad : Michael - I do not have factual knowledge re: telegraph line along the P&AC line. Photos I have from Charlotte Hall Museum show "no". It is unlikely because Prescott, being the territorial Capitol, would already have had telegraph communication prior to…
10 days ago

gavin Sanders commented on Belton to McCormick : The big wooden trestle. Can anyone pleqse give me an exact location? I want to go see it
10 days ago

Michael T commented on The Prescott and Arizona Central Railroad : Tom, did this railroad ever have a telegraph line?
10 days ago

Shane Duraso commented on The Lake Charles Branch : There is another segment of railroad that has been abandoned for quite some time in the same area!!! it is bordered to the north by Farm rd., to the east by Manchester rd., to the south by Lane rd., and to the west by Hwy 397. Trying to find out who…
10 days ago

Joe commented on The Lorain and West Virginia Railroad : You can't lose something that wasn't yours to begin with. Even if the railroad should have cleaned up better it's still their land to do whatever they want with. Get over it.
10 days ago

Walter commented on The Lorain and West Virginia Railroad : above link shows map of area that is at least 2 years old. All the trees from West Ridge heading East lopped off. Dellefield Rd. houses lost their backyards. Trees all cut down last summer, why no development at all this year? Looks pretty messy back…
11 days ago

nimby commented on The Lorain and West Virginia Railroad :,-82.1646383,274m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en-US
11 days ago

khoa commented on Westminster to Seal Beach : Can you buy these abandoned land?
11 days ago

Jannice Griffin commented on Traces of the Quanah, Acme & Pacific Railway : My brother, David Bursey, began his railroad career with the QA&P Railroad as a senior in Quanah High School working in the work school program. He went through all of the transitions, to the Frisco, Burlington Northern, and finally the BNSF. He retired…
12 days ago

Kenn Lantz commented on Winona to Gerlinger : Salem Falls City and Western. This leaves Gerlinger as a junction on the west side line to get to Dallas
13 days ago

Kenn Lantz commented on The West Side and Newberg Branches : Luke, the reds ran from Union Station the full length of 4th, not 3rd. They were then on private ROw which is now Barbur. In 1928 the state wanted SP to enter Portland on the OE from Burlingame so Barbur could be constructed. Trestle footings remain…
13 days ago

Kenn Lantz commented on Wauna to Astoria : The unused turntable remained long after the rails to it were removed, it could still be turned by one person.
13 days ago

Kenn Lantz commented on The Valley and Siletz Railroad : I remember it being a nice drive from Ft Hoskins up the river to Valsetz along the RR, wonder if the road is still open. I have a ball point pen from the Valsetz store just before it, the last building, closed.
13 days ago

Kenn Lantz commented on The United Railways : Substation buildings remain north of Hillsboro and near Rafton from the electric operations between Portland and Wilkesboro.
13 days ago