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Abandonment of the Week

Kona to Pensacola
(The Yancey Railroad)

States: North Carolina      Railroads: YRR   

This abandoned route has historical information.This abandoned route has a map.This abandoned route has associated pictures.
Railroad of the Week

The Northwestern Pacific Railroad

"The Redwood Empire Route"

Picture of the Day

From The Cortland Branch:

Random Picture of the Day

View looking northeast toward Cortland at the McLean Road Extension crossing. This small, three-mile existing segment of the old Lehigh Valley Railroad connects to the former DL&W Syracuse Line farther up the track, and services a lumber company behind the photographer under Conrail and the NYS&W. This segment was still listed as ?active? and ?in-use? as of 2003, however, the condition of the tracks and the debris evident across the tracks suggest that this segment may have since been abandoned. A stop sign with the letter ?W? below it also can be seen to the left of the track pointing northeast. Photo by Kevin M. Smith, May 2008.

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July 30th, 2014: I've taken a bit of a "sabbatical" from updating the Abandoned Rails website. I started this site back in 2005, and I've been constantly updating it ever since. Over this past year, other life priorities have caused me to take a step back from updating the website, which in itself was fairly time-consuming. This break from updating the site is not necessarily a bad thing, as I've been able to refresh and refocus my intentions about the site; as such, I have some new ideas and concepts for it that I hope to start developing.

I do intend to resume updating the website on a regular basis, but probably not until next year, unfortunately. At that time, expect to see some big and exciting changes to the site over the ensuing months.

Until then, I hope that you keep visiting the site and continue submitting your comments, as you have, to each of the abandoned routes presented herein, and please visit the random abandonment below.


Greg Harrison
Haslet, TX

This abandoned route has historical information. Portland to Cazadero
States: Oregon   Railroads: UP, SP, PRL&P   

Recent Comments

george oakley commented on The New Castle Branch : thanks for the information you said,after the mines where you are at shut down we had the same thing happen in the northeast pa. area would be nice to eventually check out these locations if possible.keep in touch.
Earlier today

Kent B commented on Wauna to Astoria : I was just in Astoria and drove along the route. Has the P&W officially abandoned the line past a certain point to Astoria? Is there any discussion of a rails to trails conversion? It would be a very scenic hike and bike trail, although it seems as if…

Andrew commented on The Lorain and West Virginia Railroad : We are having the ROW logged. The guy doing the work has done amazing progress in the few months he's been working. The next 2 months will show no change as he will be working elsewhere before coming back. In the meantime, we've acquired a new shop…

Gina Robbins commented on Yates Center to Southeast of Yates Center : I received the maps that you sent a year or so ago... and you are correct by the look of the maps it is pretty clear where the railway must have been and that there was a turnaround not far from my place where the track actually just turned around and…
2 days ago

Eric McCallie commented on The Charleston Subdivision : I remember this rail line as a kid lying in bed at night in the red dam section near Hardeeville. I could hear the train blow it's horn crossing John Smith road. We learned that if the fire trucks past our home heading toward Beaufort with lights and…
2 days ago

freebrickproductions commented on Experiment to Senoia : There's a pair of abandoned crossing signals on GA 85C in Brooks, Georgia.
2 days ago

Tom Baker commented on The Santa Monica Air Line : I believe picture 12 is facing west not east. I worked in the red brick building to the left in 1979.
2 days ago

GW Stokes Jr commented on Bonita Junction to Seagoville : My first job on the SP was on this line as a B&B helper. We retied the Trinity River bridge just north of Kaufman. The year was 1973, Mr. Parker was the forman, Benny Brown, AR Brown, Durwood, Kenny. We would ride the motor car from Kaufman to Athens…
3 days ago

Jason Sippola commented on The New Castle Branch : There are many bridges on this line. The PRR spent a considerable amount of money to upgrade the many bridges after they took control of the line from the WNY&P un 1901. The Pennsy upgraded the physical plant - track, bridges, and signaling. There is no…
3 days ago

Brooks Wilson commented on The San Joaquin and Eastern Railroad : Scottie Geise wrote concerning pictures taken of an old rail car on the SJ&E line railroad bed. This was an incline car probably used to deliver small items down the mountain side on Incline #2. The track was taken up in about 2005, but one section under…
3 days ago

Scottie Giese commented on The San Joaquin and Eastern Railroad : Hello all. I just took my truck up there today in fact and snapped some pictures. Including some of an old rail car of some sort abandoned on the side of the old railroad bed. :) Where would I send the pictures to submit them for consideration? Thanks!
4 days ago

David Shuler commented on Fort Wayne to Howe : This railroad was/is originality called the Grand Rapids-Indianapolis railroad connecting those two cities. Part of it was used for the Freedom Train in 1976 when it rolled into Fort Wayne.
5 days ago

Shirley McMillan commented on The Asherton and Gulf Railway : Forest, I lived in Asherton from 1939-1951. My dad owned Asherton Auto Sales. I knew your mother and father. I would love the picture of the wrecked train pictures to add to my collection of Asherton photos. Love to share photos that I have of Asherton…
6 days ago

Michael Paytosh commented on The Lorain and West Virginia Railroad : I've been going over the section of line that goes under Route 2 just past the Broadway exit for about a month now, and I just noticed it last week that the entire Right Of Way from Murray Ridge road, to W. Ridge Road looks to have about 50 ft. on both…
7 days ago

Tony Creamer commented on The Saint Louis Subdivision : $35 million is a drop in the bucket compared to widening and/or improving I-70..... also the STB regulations do not forbid MoDot forming its own bona-fide operating company, taking over Central Midland, or contracting with Central Midland or another…
7 days ago

Gary Juwell commented on Phalanx Station to Minerva : Mr. King is correct. The line is being re-built from Minerva to Hopedale. Several weeks ago I drove from Mechanicstown to Bergholz, where the highway parallels the track all the way down, and saw the crews rebuilding the line. All I could smell the whole…
8 days ago

Russell S. commented on Washington Court House to Jackson : What I've recall, while living in Bainbridge. There were least 3 to 4 bridge crossings in the local area over Paint Creek. Concrete bases for the bridges can still be seen along the creek. The steel bridges were removed sometime before late 1980s. The…
8 days ago

George Wade commented on Abandoned Rails of Huntsville : There are tracks exposed next to Lee's Car Wash where the line serviced Lowe Mill after crossing the Parkway/Leeman Ferry Road.
9 days ago

Adam J. commented on Evansville to Tintah : Wilkin County in MN is where the town of Yarmouth was in.
9 days ago

Adam J. commented on Evansville to Tintah : According to information from Great Northern Railway purchase of the St. Paul, Minneapolis and Manitoba Railway company that this line was built in 1887. Also there was a line that was built from Tintah Junction to Stiles ND in 1886, and also from Stiles…
10 days ago

Tommy Young commented on The Lexington Subdivision : The line through Mt. Vernon is the Lebanon branch. It ran from Lebanon Junction on the L&N mainline from Louisville to Nashville, to just east of Mt. Vernon where it hit the line from Corbin to Winchester.
10 days ago

Robert McNeill commented on Sedan, IA to Mercyville, MO : To the individual asking about the NEMO.... that line was a branch line thru Shelbyville, MO and was a Burlington subsidiary...
14 days ago

Jacob Mchone commented on The Lexington Subdivision : Do you have any info on the rail lines in Mt Vernon, KY? Apparently part of the L&N. Part of the line is now a road. HWY 150, a bypass between Mt Vernon and the communities east but the rails west of HWY 461and 150 intersection are still there. They…
14 days ago

James Holzmeier commented on Sedan, IA to Mercyville, MO : Tim Veach, did you find out anything about your pictures?
14 days ago

Vic Neves commented on Abandoned Rails of Alameda : 105th Avenue Branch is offically known as the Stonehurst Branch.
15 days ago

KK commented on The Oregon Subdivision : I have driven over several intersections with roads that have been rebuilt. At what point is this section no longer considered abandoned?
15 days ago

Marilyn canon peters commented on The Oklahoma City, Ada and Atoka Railway : My dad was John Canon. He took me on the motor car to the bus stop at 2313 south post rd. daddy had a 99 year lease on the land beside the railroad.
15 days ago

Marilyn canon peters commented on The Oklahoma City, Ada and Atoka Railway : My dad was the section Forman. He worked from 1930-1973.
15 days ago

mac sanders commented on Port Royal to Yemasee : If someone could save a rail section for me that would be great
16 days ago

Jim Pender commented on Port Royal to Yemasee : The last section of track has been contracted to be removed from Ribaut Rd. to the SC Ports Authority, approximately two and a half miles. Removal is scheduled to start 1 Sept. 2014 by Pender Brothers Inc. It's our intention to recycle as much as…
16 days ago

Chrysa commented on The Saint Louis Subdivision : Regardless of the arguments about why rail traffic on the Rock Island Corridor should be resumed - a few facts. In 1999 when Ameren purchased the corridor, they estimated that it would cost $35 million to bring the line up to 35-40 mile status west of…
16 days ago

OAE1992 commented on Dayton to Lebanon : Can anyone give me any information or links to information about the Dayton, Lebanon & Cincinnati Railroad?
16 days ago