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Chicago to Aurora and Elgin
(The Chicago, Aurora and Elgin Railroad)

States: Illinois      Railroads: CA&E   

This abandoned route has a map.
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From The Oakdale Branch:

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Facing northwest at Oakdale, where a bike path is paved on the right-of-way. This is just north of the active track segment. Photo by Mike Palmer, April 2012.

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July 30th, 2014: I've taken a bit of a "sabbatical" from updating the Abandoned Rails website. I started this site back in 2005, and I've been constantly updating it ever since. Over this past year, other life priorities have caused me to take a step back from updating the website, which in itself was fairly time-consuming. This break from updating the site is not necessarily a bad thing, as I've been able to refresh and refocus my intentions about the site; as such, I have some new ideas and concepts for it that I hope to start developing.

I do intend to resume updating the website on a regular basis, but probably not until next year, unfortunately. At that time, expect to see some big and exciting changes to the site over the ensuing months.

Until then, I hope that you keep visiting the site and continue submitting your comments, as you have, to each of the abandoned routes presented herein, and please visit the random abandonment below.


Greg Harrison
Haslet, TX

Information is needed for this abandoned route. Tarkio to Langdon
States: Missouri   Railroads: CB&Q, BN, KCStJ&CB   

Recent Comments

J. Anderson commented on Yates Center to Southeast of Yates Center : As a railroader who has worked through that area many times I believe I can answer your questions. I think that the grade you are talking about was part of the original mainline from kc to coffeyville when it was surveyed and built. The grade comes off…
About 6 hours ago

Ron McAfee commented on Abandoned Rails of Dogpatch USA : I tried to buy the original train last year from a closed animal park in Kansas (engine and 5 passenger cars, could not come to terms with the 4 different people you had to go through. In rough shape but I thought it should come home. It is probably…
2 days ago

randy commented on Abandoned Rails of Marin County : As a kid I recall a railroad siding in Novato Calif that ran a short distance from the railroad line to a big iron door in Cherry hill The siding crossed the road between Atherton Ave and Cherry st. It passed a small trailer court then a house and a…
3 days ago

Frank commented on The Sacramento Northern Railroad : Jon, Many thanks for this excellent response. It is all very clear to me now. My grandparents (and father) made several trips to Concord from SF 100 years ago and would have ridden the Oakland & Antioch (SN). It is fun to think about the route they would…
3 days ago

Gregory D. Pawelski commented on Tremont to Lebanon : The spur off this line north of Pine Grove was at Lorberry Junction, along the Molleystown Road off Route 125 (Tremont Road) and went to Muir, Pa. The switchback was in the hills north of Muir.
3 days ago

John Gebhardt commented on Elroy to Camp Douglas : It was a nice sight with a long string of colorful boxcars with former names such as Western Pacific, MP, SP(Golden West Service) along with C&NW still around. The boxcars were used to carry plywood, roofing shingles and paper. They were put in long term…
3 days ago

Jon commented on The Sacramento Northern Railroad : Hi, Frank. No, the Iron Horse trail and the bridge next to Monument Blvd is not the ROW of the Sacramento Northern. The Iron Horse trail is the old Southern Pacific RR line that ran from Martinez along Market Street in Concord (where there was a classic…
3 days ago

Steve H commented on The Reading, Marietta and Hanover Railroad : Gentlemen, I may have an answer, of sorts, to your questions. I have been looking at the R&C page, and just happened across this one. As I stated on the other page, halfway up Chicque's Hill on the north side, there is a pull-off for a trail going out to…
3 days ago

Cbalducc commented on The Millstadt Branch : There is a building in Millstadt that LOOKS like it was once a depot, and LOOKS like it was located next to the railroad right-of-way. Could it be? God bless.
4 days ago

Harold Rogers commented on The Kansas, Oklahoma and Gulf Railroad : No it is not, the right of way is now private property. I ride dual purpose motorcycles (Honda XR650R) and explore old ghost railroads but you need to ask for permission to enter the abandoned right of way. You can see a lot from the public roads.
4 days ago

Harold Rogers commented on Altus to Forgan : If you want to learn about this part of the Katy Railroad, you need to buy a book called Katy Northwest: The Story of a Branch Line Railroad By Donovan L. Hofsommer Best dirt track railroad around
4 days ago

Gregory D. Pawelski commented on The New Holland Branch : New Holland Branch
5 days ago

Robert Stoll commented on The Waterloo Railroad : Hello; I was raised at Columbia attended school there. Those abutments on Centerville Rd (the main road to Belleville)are from the M&O spur that went to the old Columbia Quarry about 1/4 Mi. to North. If you are by the abutments looking South you can see…
6 days ago

Ralph commented on Ocean City Railroad : Back around 1971, my family had a place in Ocean City. The train line was still running at the time. I remember it usually being a single passenger car, similar to a Septa commuter train. I would put pennies on the tracks when I saw the train coming down…
6 days ago

Matthew MacMillen commented on The New York, Ontario and Western Railroad : We used to live in Minetto right next to Columbia Mills until 1974. We used to walk the tracks out to the mainline west of the mill and I was wondering what RR line was responsible for the Track. I just saw a 2013 Google aerial view of the Brick Station…
8 days ago

Dick Humphrey commented on The Georgetown Branch : I lived in Bethesda, MD until 1969. The abandoned siding shown in the River Rd. crossing photo serviced the warehouse that was a part of the Marriott Corp., main office. The B&O RR made a drop there each weekday until Mariott moved their office. The…
8 days ago

Adam J. commented on Monticello to Saint Cloud : As of the Fall of 2013, the paved bike path on the old railroad grade was extended from 33rd St South to 38th St. South.
8 days ago

Fred J Miller commented on The Philadelphia and Thorndale Branch : I rode my motorcycle on this line from Thorndale to Frazer in the late 70's and on my Mountain bike.No rail to trails at that time. Very ruff to ride a mountain bike.
8 days ago

Frederick J Miller commented on Coatesville to Birdsboro : I've moved to Honey Brook in 1993. I live near Birdell Rd. I rode the old line to Brandamore Rd. Had to ride up Brandamore Rd to get to Hibernia park. As for COATESVILLE that's another story. (look it up).
9 days ago

Harvey commented on The Kentucky House Branch : Now the plant has been mostly, if not totally, dismantled. There are still many visible cuts following Highway 12 toward Valley Springs. I remember when the tracks were still running through the when I was a kid (back in the '90's). Now it's been…
9 days ago

Tom Holbrook commented on Cottage Grove to Rujada : I rode the line when I was a kid and it was standard gauge during the time of the excursion trains in the 1970s. It could mean that at the time keaton used the line for the film it was narrow gauge as a lot of logging rail lines were narrow gauge.
9 days ago

Sean Axmaker commented on Cottage Grove to Rujada : I am doing research on the production of Buster Keaton's film "The General." Keaton said in interviews that the railway line was narrow-gauge and all of the film books repeat that claim. None of the historical railway research I have been able to find,…
9 days ago

Dianne Park Breuer commented on The Long Bell Lumber Railroad : My family lived in Tennant from March 1947 to Sept 1957. Two of my brothers and I were born while there. I went to first and second grade at the Tennant school. 1955-56 and 1956-57. One of my teachers was Mrs. Page. My dad worked out at "camp" until 1951…
9 days ago

Ron updike commented on Williamsport, PA to Elmira, NY : Michael Ameigh Thanks for looking into Kendall and Fassett.Remember the 11th Ward well. Believe it was still in business until 1994 when the Miller and South St overpasses were knocked down to make way for the Clemens Center Parkway.One time in the mid…
9 days ago

Harold Rogers commented on Fort Scott, KS to Rich Hill, MO : This line was well engineered and the old ones noted it ran fast. It is a shame it was downgraded in 1962 and traffic rerouted via Kansas City and Yates Center.
10 days ago

Harold Rogers commented on Le Roy, KS to Butler, MO : This line was called the Interstate Railroad Company. The Interstate Railroad Company, in July, 1890, consolidated with another Kansas corporation known as the St. Louis & Emporia Railroad Company, the consolidated company being designated as the…
10 days ago

freebrickproductions commented on The Oak Ridge Spur : Interesting that they removed the lights. Looks like they removed the bells too. Also, the signals at Melton Lake Drive were completely removed and the crossbuck at Warehouse Road was replaced with a "Tracks out of Service" sign.
10 days ago

Melvin thoma commented on The Yuba City Branch : My Grandfather John Thoma was the foreman on this line in the 1940 's
11 days ago

Brian Cummings commented on Boscawen to Lebanon : One correction, service was disrupted due to a derailment on the bridge that spans the west river in Brattleboro Vt. Traffic started to build up I. WRJCT and the rr decided to detour traffic around Corcord Nh to the south for a few days.
11 days ago

Gregory D. Pawelski commented on Tremont to Lebanon : I made a FB Album just for the Tremont & Lebanon Branch.
12 days ago

Mike Reading commented on The Eagle Mountain Railroad : All the track in the interchange yard were removed by UP during the addition of the 2nd main track through Ferrum. Kaiser Ventures was never notified of this until after the fact! I know of some interest in reopening the mine and RR, but to this date,…
12 days ago

Bob Speer commented on The Pekin District : My Mother-in-Law and Father-in-Law (both deceased) lived at 1002 Market St. in Prkin, IL. Their house was at the corner of Market St. and 10th. The tracks went right behind their house. The tracks are gone and there is a walk/bike path there now. I was…
12 days ago