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Wilmington to Brandywine Springs
(The Brandywine Springs Trolley Line)

States: Delaware      Railroads: W&BS   

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From Tomahawk to Star Lake:

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The abandoned tracks begin their journey north to Star Lake. Photo by Chandler Benn, June 2009.

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July 30th, 2014: I've taken a bit of a "sabbatical" from updating the Abandoned Rails website. I started this site back in 2005, and I've been constantly updating it ever since. Over this past year, other life priorities have caused me to take a step back from updating the website, which in itself was fairly time-consuming. This break from updating the site is not necessarily a bad thing, as I've been able to refresh and refocus my intentions about the site; as such, I have some new ideas and concepts for it that I hope to start developing.

I do intend to resume updating the website on a regular basis, but probably not until next year, unfortunately. At that time, expect to see some big and exciting changes to the site over the ensuing months.

Until then, I hope that you keep visiting the site and continue submitting your comments, as you have, to each of the abandoned routes presented herein, and please visit the random abandonment below.


Greg Harrison
Haslet, TX

This abandoned route has historical information. Medford to Butte Falls
States: Oregon   Railroads: P&E, SP&S, M&CL   

Recent Comments

Alexander Howell commented on The Dumbarton Line : I have a short video with the west side of the line at the part with the signals and missing track.

michael thoma commented on Fairchild to Mondovi : This line was incorporated as the Fairchild and Missisippi River Railroad, but it's founder Nataniel Foster of Fairchild had a more grander dream of of a line from somewhere near Alma,WI to Sault Saint Marie,MI but it got as far as Mondovi and he lost…

Ron Johnson commented on Freeport to Centralia : There is also a section of this still operating from the cement plant in Oglesby across the "mile long bridge" over the Illinois River to what's left of IC's Lasalle yard where they interchange with the Iowa Interstate.
2 days ago

Paul McGuffin commented on Taylorsville to Laurel : John, can you dig up some old railroad photos to post from the old days in the Taylorsville-Laurel area? I was only 16 when I took the photo just north of town back in Feb. 1959. I grew up in Taylorsville until 1949. Moved to California then. Anderson,…
2 days ago

Debbie byrum commented on The Lake Elsinore Branch : In the 50's when the Santa Fe came in did it have to back out. A camera group came in for the day from LA. Did they have to back out.
2 days ago

Debbie byrum commented on The Lake Elsinore Branch : In the 50's when the Santa Fe came in did it have to back out. A camera group came in for the day from LA. Did they have to back out.
2 days ago

Dave Eriksen commented on The Gary Line : Part of this line is now a bike trail starting at Mills Rd. / Mancuso Cheese Co. and going to Manhattan. It crosses Laraway Rd. near Chicagoland Speedway. There were still railroad crossing signs and markings there 'til the road was widened for the race…
2 days ago

Lee commented on Abandoned Rails of Chicago : Henry, Lloyd, here is a pic of the north end of the IC yard at the Chicago River. With the construction of LSD perhaps??
3 days ago

patrick dempsey commented on Jackson, MN to Wessington Springs, SD : Liz I think RW is right. I believe the Southern Minnesota RR received land grants from the State through which they would build the line. The excess land they could then sell individually. This is most likely how your friend's grandfather got the land.…
4 days ago

Sam Risjan commented on Hudson to Columbus : The actual head on derailment happened in Cuyahoga Falls. The rails are still there, and an old stone bridge is also across the Cuyahoga river. (You can easily get up onto the bridge, allthough it is probably illegal.) The city of Cuyahoga Falls recently…
4 days ago

R.W. Frye commented on Jackson, MN to Wessington Springs, SD : Liz, Just a guess from the history pages but railroads were often granted more land than was needed to build a line so they could then sell that land to help fund construction. This was most famously done in the late 1860s and through the 1870s, but may…
4 days ago

Liz Wheeler commented on Jackson, MN to Wessington Springs, SD : Patrick Dempsey: Do you know why the railroad would have been selling land back in 1894? Friend's grandpa bought land that was just named a century farm. Would be interesting to have an idea of why that property was available. This is in Alpha, MN,…
5 days ago

Ricky Ennis commented on The Middle Tennessee and Alabama Railway : My Famliy owns the old Toney, Alabama Railroad Depot building and I still have the old TONEY Railroad Depot signage.
7 days ago

Dale Meyers commented on Abandoned Rails of Nellis Air Force Base : I recall the Union Pacific switching cars on the base warehouse area while I was there from '74 - '76. Flat cars with AGE (Aerospace Ground Equipment) were seen several times. Once a complete A7D Corsair II with wings separated on flatcars.
7 days ago

Bob Lemmon commented on The San Francisco Belt Railroad : The above link to the Golden Gate Railroad Museum no longer works because they have eliminated the "history" category. A good history may be found at
7 days ago

Kevin commented on Columbus, OH to Ridgeville, IN : Note: There is a 6 1/2 mile stretch that has been converted to a asphalted bike trail between Hilliard on West side of Columbus, Ohio to near Plain City, Ohio. If it would go another 2 miles, it would be in downtown Plain City and access to restaurants…
8 days ago

Jeff Shick commented on The Alexandria Branch : Trying to find out if Penna RailRoad bought that right of way or if the rail had a property owner agreement when it was put in ? Should say somewhere just haven't found it.Liking the rails to trails program. Just wants to know how they did things back…
8 days ago

James Norwood commented on Monticello to Indianapolis : Recently visited part of the Monon from Delphi out to the High Bridge over Deer Creek on one of the Delphi trails. A newly installed large and rebuilt thru truss bridge over the new 4 lane Indiana 25 is at the beginning of the trail with small plazas on…
9 days ago

Warren Hart commented on Lyons to Florence : In response to Mr Stan Jefferson question, Yes these are the old tracks you saw in Hillsboro. I grew up with the railroad running within site out my back door in Marion. They were part of the old Santa Fe RR and was taken over by the Central Kansas RY,…
10 days ago

Stan Jefferson commented on Roll to Arlington : Latest word I got from a UP signalman as of 6/16 was that there are no plans to reopen past where the signals have been updated, account the economy is too shaky to justify it. I also understand that the yard outside of Buckeye which had been proposed &…
12 days ago

Stan Jefferson commented on The Litchfield Industrial Lead : This branch is totally pulled up as of a few years ago. However there are vestiges of it. There is a canal that crosses Litchfield Rd abt 1/10 mi south of Indian School Rd. As you cross the canal, look to the west at the pedestrian bridge, and you will…
12 days ago

Fred Herrman commented on The Sunset Railroad : For me, trains will always be mysterious creatures, especially at night. I'm not trying to be too poetic or anything. It's just that trains move through these rights of ways that no other mode of transportation has any access to, and they can move so…
13 days ago

Robert Benkelman commented on The Sunset Railroad : What I enjoy is seeing the remnants left behind like the cross buck at a crossing or signals left behind. I remember seeing a cross buck on Tulare St. In Fresno, from a long rail line. Makes interesting conversation.
13 days ago

Fred Herrman commented on The Sunset Railroad : Thank you James Golden for that great history. I love trains and I love old abandoned rights of way of many sorts. It would be a really cool thing to make a video from a drone following the right of way directly out of Bakersfield, through the entire…
14 days ago

Joe Clark commented on Guthrie to Chandler : I grew up in Guthrie. My grandfather owned 40 acres that this railroad ran through, south of town. We loved the railroad dikes on his land and the sandstone tunnels that went through them. We collected a sizeable number of spikes. Grandpa Allen used some…
14 days ago

Alan commented on The Northern Illinois Railroad : The Sycamore/Cortland line was originally the Sycamore & Cortland RR, then name changed to Sycamore,Cortland & Chicago RR, later bought out by Chicago & Northwestern. C&N added a spur from the south end of Sycamore (about where Ideal Industries is at) to…
15 days ago

Obummer commented on The Fairport Branch : @Scott can you fill me in more about the news letter about plans to contuine the trail to "little Swine Creek". Like you said I found nothing about that doing a google search. Also I have never heard of "little Swine Creek" or found anything about a…
16 days ago

lori commented on The Bamberger Electric Railroad : I have quite a few Bamberger railroad circut station platforms. My grandfather was part of the crew. Is there anyone that could give me more information about these platforms?
17 days ago

Jim G commented on The Colma Branch : The spur track into Ray's Oil in Bernal Cut was visible until around the early 1980s at least. I followed the old branch line around 1979. You could - and probably can - still see where it passed between buildings in the Mission District. You can see the…
17 days ago

Joel Spitzer commented on Browns, IL to Poseyville, IN : Have seen thie bridges from 64 a few times, most recently a few days ago. Sad to see the line gone when there is a picture on rrpicturearchives showing an engine with grain cars on the next track at Poseyville. Guess there wasn't enough traffic on the…
18 days ago

Kirk Juan commented on The Tustin Branch : The El Modena Station was north of La Veta. David Hewes had two packinghouses south of La Veta. I'll email a couple of aerial photos.
18 days ago

Bart Hileman commented on Vincennes, IN to Cairo, IL : Part of the track still exists around Mounds City. Portions to the north (about a mile or less), and portions to the south running beside the Ohio River. It is use by the two grain elevators in town now to store and dump grain hoppers. Part of the line…
18 days ago